AZ Ship Management company, in the Netherlands   was fed up trying to implement a still more payroll with different vendors. They had complex payroll needs because of the different nationalities and extraordinarily complex rules they were handling. They tried out three vendors in Europe and all of them failed to resolve the complexity in an economically viable manner. At this point, one of the managers internally raised a proposal of asking SBNT to develop and implement the required payroll.  The MD of AZ met SBNT MD in Tokyo while both happened to visit Tokyo at the same time and requested a look at the system.

AZ Ship management made two demands on SBNT: (a) They wanted the project up and running in 6 months. (b) The Project was to be executed on fixed cost basis. If the cost exceeded accepted figures, SBNT should bear the exceeded cost. SBNT took up the challenge. As per SBNT suggestion, the grey areas in the payroll rules were cleared and streamlined. The system was developed in three months’ time. A parallel run with six months past data in 35 days.  After that system was put on parallel run with real time data for another two months. Thus, in six months the system went live.  The Customer was surprised that we did a great job in 6 months. They did not believe this was possible – and hence they wanted to try out the system for three more months before switching completely to the SBNT system. 

And on switching over, there was a comment from Mr. Wills, Payroll head, to SBNT that ‘I will now be able to take vacation after 8 years.

(The core payroll solution in the case study on “Complexity Unraveled” formed the base for this solution)