ML company, Tokyo has 28 offices worldwide using SBNT’s former system. Migrating to the new web-based system with 28 offices worldwide (different time zones) is a task NOT done nor attempted by anyone else.  The company has the largest database in shipping in terms of number of seafarers and size of database. Apart from Data migration and training all the 320+ users to handle the system comfortably were challenges. But the Most crucial one was to get them all to sign off on Friday pm on the system (some office would sign off much later into the night of Friday due to geographical location and assuming no ate working in Friday); and all of them signing into the new system on Monday am and know what  exactly  to do to carry on the work seamlessly.   The first office opening on Monday would be early and quite different one from the one signing off last on Friday. And the entire system took just 10 days to stabilize.