Shipping businesses today deal with complex regulations and emerging new policies and practices. Fleet managers and shipping companies need to remain in step with the changing maritime industry while maintaining high safety and risk reduction standards as their top priorities. This involves time-consuming paperwork that can get in the way of efficiency and speed of operations. 

Ship document management software from SBN Technologics revolutionizes how document management for ships is done, facilitating communication and data management between the vessel and the shore. 

Ship Document Management Software: An Overview

Our ship document management software system enables ship managers to digitally control and manage documents between the ship and the office onshore. The ship document management software helps store and manage all documents related to ISM safety regulations, manuals, policies on ship equipment, and more.

Data is automatically replicated between the vessel and shore modules, ensuring every vessel has easy access to updated documentation relevant to their ship, cargo, routes, and fleet management. This avoids the possibility of incompatible versions of any document.   

Digitalizing your document management system for shipping will enable you to manage all communication flows between the main office and vessels clearly in one system. With ship document management software, you can gain complete operational insight from ship management data across your fleet. Switching to a digital solution helps reduce the costs of documenting, sharing, and analyzing data and increases efficiency and compliance across the whole fleet. 

Top Features of Our Ship Document Management System

  • Centrally Managed Document Library – Manage your vessel’s document library and manuals centrally. 
  • Access Rights – Access manuals and safety-related documents on the ship or shore.
  • Change log – This feature enables users to digitally track approvals and changes made into manuals in the document management system for fleet management.
  • Version Comparison – Use the change tracking feature to compare document versions easily.
  • Controlled Access – Our software allows full or selective access to the latest version of any document 
  • Updated Documents – The ship document management system maintains up-to-date copies of manuals and other documents
  • Access Rights – Appropriate access controls are in place to ensure the security of all documents.  
  • Updated Users – Users receive the most recent policy update information to comply with the regulations upon receiving updates.

Key Advantages of Our Ship Document Management System

  • Central Repository – The detailed document management system serves as the central repository of all documents related to maritime HSEQ. 
  • Ease of Access – Our comprehensive ship document management system provides easy access to all documentation
  • Quick process – Thousands of documents can be stored, reviewed, edited, and published using the document management app. 
  • Efficient Distribution – Manuals and documents can be easily distributed across the entire ship fleet. 
  • Change Controls – Our ship document software provides greater control over document versions and edits made.

Why Choose SBN Ship Document Management System?

At SBN Technologies, we have 25+ years of experience serving clients with innovative and value-driven maritime software and technology products. 

Global shipping companies trust our ship document management system for achieving high performance and quality. No matter the size of your vessel or fleet, if you’re committed to high quality and documentation, our solution is the perfect fit for you. 

Our trusted maritime software provides support across organizational levels and all functions within the process, allowing ship owners and operators to manage their operations with ease, accuracy, and speed.

Flexibility and trust – not only in software but also as a consultancy and support solution – are qualities that make SBN stand out from the rest. We customize our ship management software to suit your requirements. Our exceptional customer support is appreciated by shipping companies worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping documents?

Shipping documents are forms, records, or certificates needed for the delivery of a shipment or to clear customs.

What is the difference between DOC and SMC?

DOC or Document of Compliance is a safety certificate that is issued to shipping companies that comply with the requirements of the ISM Code

On the other hand, SMC or Safety Management Certificate is a document that is issued to a ship, which indicates that the company and its shipboard management comply with an approved Safety Management System (SMS).

What documents come under the Document Management System (DMS)?

Documents that come under the Document Management System may be PDFs, word processing files, scanned images of paper-based content, spreadsheets, emails, financial reports, etc. related, but not limited to:

  • IMS Manuals
  • IMS Safety regulations
  • Maintenance Details
  • Technical Documents for the Vessel
  • Crew Documentation  

What is DMS?

Document Management System (DMS) is used to create, track, manage and store documents. A DMS can help ship operators organize all files and data in one place, track critical documents, and provide access to documents from anywhere, providing the ease of accessing and storing data in the cloud.

How DMS helps the shipping companies?

A good DMS ensures proper, effective, and timely documentation, which aids in better organization, making it easier for shipping companies to meet compliance with essential standards, ensure safety precautions, and boost chances for business growth. 

How is it related to TMS?

With DMS, you can securely store, access, update and share every type of document within an organization. TMS or Transportation Management system is a technology that automatically streamlines shipping processes and helps maintain compliance with industry and global standards. 

Is DMS a part of HSEQ system?

DMS assists in accurate and timely assessment of HSEQ, which stands for health, safety, environment, and quality. Jobs that require the maintenance of proper risk assessment, risk and hazard management are documented and controlled with DMS