SHIPMATE HSQE is a structured vessel safety management system to control safety risks in operations. It significantly reduces accidents and improves the quality and safety of your ships. Capturing analytical data through computer-based quality systems is a commonly faced challenge. Any organization focused on the aspects of quality, the safety-related forms are regularly altered to gather additional or more specific data elements. This assists in getting better analytics, thus leading to quality improvements. Most of the time it is a real challenge to modify these forms in the software. Such changes demand frequent modification of the input and output modules resulting in increased costs, delays, and errors. This, in turn, leads to maintenance of the forms outside the system thus increasing the cost and manual workload. Hence a maritime Safety Management SystemorHSQEfor ships are the need of the hour.

SHIPMATE Quality and Safety Management System (HSQE / HSEQ / QHSE / SHEQ) has a unique solution to this problem. The ship safety management system has been designed to help resolve the frequent problems faced by organizations with regards to the safety management of their vessels.

Features of SHIPMATE Quality and Safety Management (HSQE / HSEQ/QHSE/SHEQ) System for Ships

  • Dynamic form creation –the ISM management system for ships helps creation or modification forms as per requirements
  • Incident Handling – the ISM software for ships takes care of the NCs, Near miss, accidents and any other HSEQ related events
  • Improve reporting and follow-up of audits and inspections, both internal (ISM, Technical, etc) and external (Charterer, OCIMF/SIRE, PSC, etc)
  • Multilevel work process definitions for event review
  • Users can thus define and modify – Input forms, Output reports, Audited reports and process for review
  • Evidence Handling – the attach emails/documents/pictures relating to an incident
  • Analytical reporting and trending
  • Automatically prepare statistics on safety performance and save a tremendous amount of time
  • Audit trail
  • Improve Vessel –the ism system facilitates office data exchange and monitors the stages while processing the accident/incident cases
  • Schedule auditing
  • Capture the auditor comments and audit findings
  • Review/company comments, audit finding, and closing comments
  • Attach audit reports
  • Analysis of audit findings
  • Manage your entire fleet’s document library, manuals including all safety-related documentation centrally

Audit & Inspection

This is an add – on module to the Quality & Safety Management system. The module facilitates recording of audit and inspection as well as scheduling the audits with follow-ups and reminder facilities. The audit report analysis is also included for Quality improvement. The system can be used for both internal as well as external audits.

Benefits of Marine Ship Safety Management System Software

Safety at sea is of utmost importance for all marine vessels. A marine safety management system software can help achieve maximum efficiency. The best software helps with data and statistics, giving owners and fleet management companies a bird’ eye view of vessel safety performance parameters. It also offers a microscopic insight into key factors like time and cost savings. A ship safety management system generates accurate automated reports on accidents, injuries, follow-up incidents, and near-misses. It helps key personnel have real-time information that helps them track and monitor situations effectively.

Among the benefits of a marine safety management system is the clarity in accountability and transparency that the system brings in improving the safety management system of the ship. It is an integrated way of workflow that connects and syncs the data shared by the vessel and the onshore office. Consequently, all the stakeholders have the same level of information. 

The other major benefit of the ship safety management software is that it helps avert costly and risky accidents and incidents, preventing jeopardizing revenues and ship movement. Eventually, all of this leads to minimalizing costs that incidents at sea entail. By integrating the software with the PMS, preventive maintenance can be effectively executed

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