SHIPMATE Stores and Procurement Management System (SPS) is a ship procurement software specifically designed for ships. The vessel module smoothly communicates with the office version on requisition details and supplies required.

The procurement management software for ships facilitates multi-user, multi-currency transactions with a ready-to-align ability with third party e-market and vendor systems. The SHIPMATE order management software provides a structured approach to the whole buying process and helps reduce the number of email correspondences required to complete a purchase cycle.

The SHIPMATE Stores and the ship eprocurement software offers a clean and user-friendly interface that further simplifies the procurement process for ship owners and managers. Our purchase management software for ships reduces sourcing time and increases efficiency and transparency.

Features of SHIPMATE Stores and Procurement System for Ships

  • Generates requisitions for spares, services, stores, etc
  • Sends automated quotation requests to vendors
  • Automates vendor’s registration details and ratings
  • Automates RFQ dispatches, electronic negotiations and auto-comparing quotes using a single currency (irrespective of quoted currency)
  • Effective purchase order and invoice handling
  • Updates shore office for onboard inventory requirements
  • Facilitates user-friendly vendor response forms
  • Compatible with multi-currency quotations from multiple vendors
  • Easy mapping of office procedures into the system
  • Budgeting tool that aids decision-makers by exhibiting various balances of cost centres
  • Analyses of lube oil consumption
  • Maintains goods records for vendor evaluation
  • Contract suppliers listing
  • Transport order generation for warehouses
  • e-Market Interface
  • Intimation to Master on the progress of each requisition
  • Tracking of delivery to warehouse and vessel
  • Inventory management

Interface with

  • e-Market – SHIPSERV
  • e-Market – WSS (MTS)

On Vessels

  • Intimation to Master on progress of each requisition
  • Intimate office on receipt of goods in good order
  • Inventory Management

Benefits of the Marine Procurement Software (Ship Procurement Software)

Automating ship procurement processes can make a key difference to operational costs. Digitizing the entire procurement chain with the help of an effective ship procurement software system optimizes the entire cycle. How?

  1. The software helps streamline the vessel’s procurement cycle, ensuring expenses and budgets are accurately aligned.
  2. Vendor and catalog management are no more a stressful affair with automated features of the software.
  3. A centralized dashboard contributes towards maintaining seamless communication amongst all concerned officials; as a result, there is parity of data.
  4. Contract management with suppliers and vendors is well-organized and simplified with minimal human intervention.
  5. Inventory management of spare parts and other categories ensures optimal stock levels at all times. 
  6. Invoice approvals are automatically integrated and workflows automated with the Accounting software with real notifications. Thus, disbursements are timely with zero chances of error.
  7. The ship e-procurement software helps in report generation with key insights and data analytics helping in crucial decision-making.
  8. The software enables seamless tracking of orders delivered to the warehouse and the ship.
  9. The right software system is compliant with international maritime procurement policies and web-enabled for real-time functionalities.
  10. The system is integrated with e-markets.
  11. The system links with the inventory control system and has vendor management facility, vendor rating, etc.
  12. All MIS reports help track history and analytics, which a procurement manager requires.
  13. PO tracking software compliments the procurement software. 

The software facilitates centralizing the entire procurement functionality, helping save time and costs, and reducing errors phenomenally.

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