From the Ship owner to the Captain, everybody understands the importance of rest hours for the crew of your ship and the detrimental effects if they are not followed according to the set rules. A viable, transparent and systematic system tool is what we have for better management of the work and rest hours onboard every vessel of your fleet.

SHIPMATE Work and Rest Hours system assists the Master to keep track of work and rest hours of seafarers as per working condition regulations laid out by STCW / ILO or MLC 2006. The module can be resident on board and can communicate with an office module (if desired) so that office can also monitor the information on all vessels.

Features of Work and Rest Hour Management System for Ship Crew

  • In compliance with – Maritime Labour Convention 2006, ILO Convention (No. 180), STCW -2010 (Standard of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping) including Manila amendments and US OPA 90 (Oil Pollution Act of
  • Maintain and generate crew lists, individual crew records and generate IMO crew list.
  • Can handle International Date Line crossing
  • Can be installed independently on one or more PCs
  • Facility to maintain Ship Schedule and settings
  • Time Adjustment Hour feature (+1 and -1 hours in a day)
  • Facility to calculate and export overtime records and integrate with payroll
  • Enter default shift patterns to simplify the logging of daily work or rest hours for each seafarer – only adjustments to the default shift pattern needs to be made.
  • Enhanced overtime feature enabling companies to easily analyze detailed overtime costs.
  • Highly simplified data entry
  • Equips the Master with the capability to identify crew members who can be used for a task (say bunkering) without violating the act
  • Additional activities(custom) will be highlighted in the Time Entry
  • Checks compliance with intricate rules that are difficult to calculate manually, including exceptions to the basic rules.
  • Allows crew work/rest hour records to be maintained electronically and helps to demonstrate compliance with rest hour regulations
  • Permission and controls can be enabled to secure data in the timesheets.
  • Maintains Audit details

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