The feature rich Ship Crew Management System and maritime payroll software by SHIPMATE is ideal for small, medium and large fleet owners and managers. The fleet management software is an imperative tool that helps you implement effective management.

The vessel management system addresses both basic and advanced needs of Ship Fleet Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore, tugs and boats) and Manning/Crewing companies (main fleet, shipyards and yachts) alike.

The Crew Management System helps with managing the documents and certificates of the crew, hence efficiently taking up the role of a crew document management system, fulfilling the requirements of ship fleet owners, manning/crewing companies, and ship managers.

In addition to the document management capabilities, the ship management system helps with the operations part such as performing crew planning, crew appraisals, allotments as well as P&I.

The ship crew management software connects your office as well as the CMS onboard your fleet. Crew wages, overtime, leave pay, cash to master, allotment and other expenses can be easily calculated with the integration of a payroll module through the CMS of this vessel management software.

The custom crew management software from SHIPMATE is also compatible with Filipino wage computation as per POEA. SHIPMATE maritime crew management software offers the versatility to control all operations distinctive to Western or Eastern ship management styles. With this effective ship fleet management software in place, the crew management simply becomes an easy task at hand.

Features of SHIPMATE Ship Crew Management and maritime payroll processing software for Ships

  • Store, manage and print CVs, crew list and other basic data.
  • Compatible with multiple formats to print CVs and crew lists
  • Use predefined templates to create employment contracts
  • Manage briefing, debriefing and pre-departure crew lists
  • Manage, store and email scanned documents.
  • Get alert notifications, thanks to the efficient ship certificate management system
  • On-time PR computation with 100% accuracy
  • Graphical seafarers planning based on DOA/Relief due up to a timeframe of 3 years. Integrates with Seafarer OCIMF (experience) matrix.
  • Analysis of compliance requirements related to company, flag, owner, vessel type, STCW.
  • Manage performance appraisal, promotion/demotion of seafarers
  • Data analysis & MIS reporting
  • Aids management of medical insurance of seafarer
  • Organize training for seafarers
  • Manage and track illness or injury, P&I claims and their status
  • Design forms, reports and letters based on customer requirements
  • Automate new applicant data processing
  • Directly integrate new crew applications coming from your website with SHIPMATE database
  • Manage allotment processing of seafarers with remittance facility
  • Fillipino wage Computation as per POEA requirements
  • Manage users with appropriate access controls in place

Interface with

  • Ticketing systems of travel agents including INSTONE, VCK Travel & Griffins to name a few
  • Seagull and Videotel Training System
  • DG Shipping
  • OCIMF and Q88 for uploading matrix
  • Banks and Financial softwares for payment and transaction records

On Vessel functions for

  • Uploading seafarer personnel info
  • Seafarer performance appraisal
  • Manage Payroll Computation and Master’s Cash Account
  • Perform Sign on and Sign off
  • Record Vessel D&A and illness or injury

Industry Compliance

  • ILO/MLC 2006
  • SEPA

Additional Plug-Ins

“Specialized tools for specific needs”
SHIPMATE Plug-Ins are specifically designed to enhance performance and add benefits to the existing CMS solutions. These are effective for New Applicant Management, Graphical Planning, Ticketing, Rest Hour- Work Hours Management, and Seafarer Appraisal Management.

New Applicant Management

Advanced fleet ship management of prospective crew pool”

The vessel management software is designed to store records of applicants applying online or offline. A single click facilitates transfer of data for the applicant database to the main database.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy data entry and maintenance
  • Automated workflow that advances candidates through the hiring process
  • Integration of interactive careers section into your existing website.
  • Jobs are automatically updated without IT or webmaster intervention. HR controls it all!
  • Helps in storing info, review and follow-up of the applications received
  • Helps in accumulation interview details and maintenance of the scanned CV of the seafarer.
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Duplicate Candidate Prevention

Graphical Planning Tool

“Planning a seafarer’s voyage for better management”

Our technical ship management system is designed to graphically plan a seafarer’s next tour of duty, this maritime crew management system helps in planning of seafarers based on DOA/Relief due up to a time frame of 3 years. As the data displayed is in a graphical mode, it is relatively simpler to understand and also to plan the seafarer’s schedule. Our crew management in shipping industry allows in better batch planning and rotation planning.


  • Simplifies planning process and saves a lot of time.
  • Helps to identify best possible replacement for on board crew.
  • Helps to plan considering what-if scenarios with respect to regulations and requirements.
  • Drag and drop tool allows rank based or vessel-based crew planning.


This module of the crew management system enables users to manage P & I cases. The workflow starts from the illness or injury report.


  • Records all expenses related to an incident.
  • Records repatriation and joiners’ expenses.
  • Case remains open till the claim amount is recovered or closed.
  • Case remains open till the claim amount is recovered or closed.
  • Generates automatic reminder/ follow-up message
  • Provision to electronically file cases in the future
  • Provision to query the records based on various filters


“Seamless integration for better seafarer travel management”
The maritime crew management system is designed to automate the ticket booking process for seafarers.


  • Generate booking request for multiple seafarers at a time
  • Review quotations, choice of routes and select suitable options
  • Manage approval of bookings, handover of tickets and management of invoices from travel agent
  • Book and cancel tickets with refund tracking
  • Track refund status for cancellations
  • Interfaces with accounting software
  • Interfaces with travel agent software like INSTONE, VCK Travel and Griffins making it convenient for both the manning office and the travel agent to track ticket requests made from the office.

Work & Rest hours Management

“Work & Rest Monitoring made easy”

It’s imperative to follow the set rules and understand the importance of rest hours for the crew. From the Ship owner to the Captain, everybody understands its importance the detrimental effects if they are not followed. A viable, transparent, and systematic system tool is what our fleet management system for better management of rest hours.

SHIPMATE Work and Rest Hours management system can keep track of the schedules of seafarers and avoid huge penalties caused due to the violation of seafarer work hour regulations. It can be adapted for STCW / ILO or MLC 2006 requirements. The module can be resident on board and can communicate with an office module (if required) so that the office can also monitor the information on all vessels.


  • In compliance with – Maritime Labour Convention 2006, ILO Convention (No. 180), STCW -2010 (Standard of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) including Manila amendments and US OPA 90 (Oil Pollution Act of 1990).
  • Maintain and generate crew lists, individual crew records and generate IMO crew list.
  • Can handle International Date Line crossing
  • Can be installed independently on one or more PCs
  • Facility to maintain Ship Schedule and settings
  • Time Adjustment Hour feature (+1 and -1 hours in a day)
  • Facility to calculate and export overtime records and integrate with payroll
  • Enter default shift patterns to simplify the logging of daily work or rest hours for each seafarer – only adjustments to the default shift pattern needs to be made.
  • Enhanced overtime feature enabling companies to easily analyze detailed overtime costs.
  • Highly simplified data entry
  • Equips the Master with the capability to identify crew members who can be used for a task (say bunkering) without violating the act
  • Additional activities(custom) will be highlighted in the Time Entry
  • Checks compliance with intricate rules that are difficult to calculate manually, including exceptions to the basic rules.
  • Allows crew work/rest hour records to be maintained electronically and helps to demonstrate compliance with rest hour regulations
  • Permission and controls can be enabled to secure data in the timesheets.
  • Maintains Audit details

Seafarer Appraisal Management

“Understanding the system inside out for rewarding performance”.

Unlike many others, SHIPMATE marine ship management software understands the importance and difference in performance appraisal systems for seafaring professionals and those on the shore. Our vessel management software helps in identifying the suitable candidate, managing performance targets and rewarding the performers.

  • Entry of appraisals through excel, direct form entry and scanned entry
  • In case of an open appraisal system, crew comments can be entered by the seafarer on board
  • Define workflow for process of reviewing appraisals in office
  • Track and ensure the appraisal process and the training requirements for each seafarer has been completed

Seafarer portal

SHIPMATE’s interactive module for Seafarers.


  • Accessible through computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Seafarer can view alerts, vessel plan travel itinerary, allotment status, payslips and training reservations
  • Enter feedbacks reply to letters, inform date of availability and submit expense claims
  • Upload scanned certificates

The data entered through this module needs to be approved by the designated users for being accepted into SHIPMATE database.

Flag State Document

Flag State Document Tracking System

This module provides guidelines for applying for a new seafarer document and keeps track of the same. Each document can be associated with a defined process and the time required for each process is also captured in the system.

The system calculates the number of days due for completion of each process. In case the process is not completed within the stipulated time frame, reminder alerts are automatically sent to designated users. Once the documents are received, the system automatically updates the seafarer’s records.

The Benefits of Ship Crew Management Software

The Ship Crew management software helps manage the ship cost-effectively, end-to-end. Ships run on global maritime routes and are part of an intricate and complex network. The software helps optimize global trade, offering accurate information about individual ships. As a result, maritime communication is spotlessly clear, concise, and precise with real-time updated information across the network. This contributes to enhanced coordination and safety of ships, cargo, and crew on the water. There are no reasons for manual errors, be it the logistics or other aspects of ship management.  

One key feature is the maritime payroll software. Payroll is an essential function for seafarers because wages and salaries need to get processed on time. It is, therefore, imperative to have a software system that is compliant with international payroll requirements with the built-in scope for multi-currency calculations and transactions. The maritime payroll processing software is a big asset that helps with basic functions like integrated accounting, creating crew contracts, complicated aspects like compliance analysis, on-time PR computation, multiple attendance tracking methods, compute and process wages, and more. The best crew management and payroll management software can almost always be seamlessly integrated with other modules of ship management.

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