SHIPMATE Ship Maintenance Management System for ships is a software which allows Ship Fleet Owners or Operators to carry out maintenance of their vessels in intervals according to manufacturers and class/classification society requirements. SHIPMATE PMS or planned maintenance system/software for ships is class certified by Bureau Veritas.

SHIPMATE Planned Maintenance System (PMS) for Technical Ship Management maintains a schedule for repairs and replenishments. The ship maintenance management software plays an important role in reducing the risk of accidents by regular preventive maintenance. The vessel maintenance software also helps in matching the exacting standards on various parameters the seaworthiness of a vessel as set by the regulators and manufacturers. Whether it is being in touch with the equipment suppliers or keeping date with the scheduled repairs and maintenance, our integrated ship maintenance software would help you take care of all your maintenance needs. It is imperative to have a planned maintenance system onboard ship that assists you in taking proper care and increasing the efficiency of your vessel. The ship enterprise resource planning software system assists you in doing the same with better efficiency.

An effective Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) assists in reducing your overall workload and boosts managerial efficiency. It is essential to ensure the safety of your fleet with routine checks and repair work and hence our tailor-made planned maintenance system software (PMSS) allows you to manage your operations with ease.

With regards to the Spares used for maintenance activities, the ship maintenance system updates all transactions related to purchase and stock usage and notifies the concerned people onboard and onshore. This feature of our vessel PMS ensures all concerned stakeholders are provided with the necessary information, ensuring increased transparency and efficiency.

Features of our Planned Maintenance System for Ships

  • Software class certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Retains maintenance history
  • Facilitates automatic creation of future jobs for maintenance based on set rules
  • Job planning – the PMS system on ship offers graphical interface to make it easier
  • Track circulating components
  • Set aside Dry dock / Workshop jobs
  • Helps handle unscheduled breakdowns and accidents
  • Track critical spares and equipment
  • Track history of maintenance work including images of equipment / work
  • Maintain detailed and structured documentation of jobs like job procedure, drawings, spares to be used
  • Office – Vessel – Office data transfer (Data and Image) – to synchronize
  • Inventory Management
  • Requisitions generated based on stock levels and criticality of spares
  • Link to Purchase system
  • Keep track of expiring certificates and generate appropriate alerts.

On Vessels

  • Generate Requisitions. Get updates on current status.
  • Attach photo and scans of equipment.
  • Auto Backup Data.

Benefits of Planned Vessel Maintenance Software

Vessel management is one of the core focus areas for ship operators and owners. An optimized planned maintenance system/software for ships is a boon because it helps automate vessel maintenance, ensuring compliance with manufacturer and class requirements. One of the crucial reasons for using this software system is that it helps enhance the ship’s safety, end-to-end. Automating repairs and replenishments reduce and avoid potential risks of breakdowns and accidents. The software plays an incredible role in the preventive maintenance of the ship. A PMS system on the ship is fast becoming a prerequisite today because planned management helps save time, effort, and costs. Not just that, the PMS system helps improve the credibility and seaworthiness of the ship, which is so crucially important for business and revenues.

Importance to vessel maintenance software

  • Ensures timely repairs and maintenance activities.
  • Ensures that the vessel meets the scheduled repairs and maintenance with near zero chances of missing the date.
  • Helps improve the ship’s overall efficiency, always ensuring that the vessel is in its prime operational condition.
  • Contributes towards maintaining the safety of the entire fleet, so that vessel operations are never hampered.
  • With an integrated inventory management system, the stock levels of spare parts are always under control.
  • Helps to make optimal use of PMS, which is completely in sync with reality. In the absence of a proper inventory system, it can result into a chaos. The use of software help rule out this issue.

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