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No matter how small or large your fleet size, as a ship owner or manager, making accurate decisions on time is paramount. With the maritime industry becoming increasingly competitive, the need to make your operations smarter, leaner, and more efficient is stronger than ever. 

Data is your friend in the race to remain profitable and outperform competition in today’s challenging environment. But, how do you turn swaths of ship management data into operational insights that keeps you ahead? How do you make sure that technical, operational, safety, and compliance aspects of your fleet management are met properly? And, how do you do it all with limited time and budget without putting any dent to your revenue and reputation? At Shipmate, we have the answers for you because our goal is to help you stay on top of your game!

Stay Fleet Forward with Shipmate Fleet Management Software

Shipping fleet management can be a daunting task, but not anymore. Ship management has come a long way over the years. With the latest tech in the industry, managers and fleet owners can significantly improve fleet control. With a heightened overview, you get great peace of mind.

If you are wondering what is ship management software, you are in for a treat. Unlike a decade ago, where most things were manual, now the world has become more organized, thanks to the rise of the internet and software technologies. The overly complex systems that track, manage and direct the shipping business are becoming older every day. Smart owners and managers are adopting a ship management system that is powerful enough to handle everything.

Shipmate is the leading fleet management marine system that gives fleet managers 360-degree control of their entire fleet. With a host of features and advanced functionalities, you can enjoy a high level of supervision.

The Benefits of a Ship Management System

There are multiple ship management systems for performing specific tasks on a ship. The ship stores and procurement management system by Shipmate is an advanced ship management system that allows users to track and update the supplies on their vessel.

Shipmate’s Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is the ultimate fleet management marine tool for the optimization of your vessel. This ship planned maintenance system software is extremely useful to carry out scheduled repairs and thus increase the productivity of your vessel. 

Ship safety and performance is one of the most important variables in the business and this is where the ship safety management system comes in handy. Create even reviews, dynamic forms, schedule audits and analyse the data, all in one place with this holistic ship maintenance software.

Ship Management from Anywhere — Be it Office or Vessel

With the increased fleet sizes, international maritime laws and government regulations, the ship management system has become ever more complicated. 

Maritime Crew Management Software is the next step in the complete automation of your fleet, no matter where you are. No matter where you are, you get to keep a check on the performance of your fleet systems. 

Why use multiple systems to manage your ship inventory, payroll and crew when you can do it all in a single, easy to use platform? Multiple systems increase the chances of human errors due to negligence and create a disorganised mechanism. 

Shipmate’s ship fleet management software gets you access to all these and much more, without the need to learn and operate multiple applications, saving both time and energy for you. Reduce the probabilities of errors and mismanagement with a vessel management software that is, the best way to advance your fleet management to the next level.

Why Choose Shipmate Ship Management Software?

Fleet owners and managers today are in dire need of optimizations in the process of fleet maintenance, crew supervision and inventory management. With Shipmate’s vessel management system, all this becomes so effortless that you would see a rise in the efficiency of your fleet. When there is a significant improvement in workflow, the company makes more profit!

Worried about your crew competency? We hear you! This is one of the biggest concerns of captains and fleet managers worldwide. The shipmate crew competency management system lets you define and check the competency of your onboard staff. You can also schedule training to help your seafarers stay updated. 

The captain can keep track of the work hours for his crew with the Crew work-rest hours software that ensures the optimum rest hours besides complying with STCW/ILO guidelines effortlessly. What’s more, the owners can connect with the onboard system right from the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good ship management system?2021-11-14T13:58:00+05:30

A good ship management system should not just be rich in features offered, but also highly interactive. Besides the functionality, certifications and approvals by international bodies are a sign of a high-performance ship management system. Shipmate’s ship management system is a versatile digital platform that ensures your ship management is highly efficient.

Why is shipping management important?2021-11-14T13:57:23+05:30

Without shipping management, the safety of both crew and cargo can not be ensured. It also creates a conducive workflow that promises great results for both the shipping company and the crew.

How do you overcome fleet management challenges?2021-11-14T13:56:50+05:30

Optimizing the performance and ensuring the long life of vessels is of utmost importance for any shipping company. Fleet management is the solution to this problem and effective fleet management can be ensured with a powerful fleet management system.

How does a fleet management system work?2021-11-14T13:56:02+05:30

A fleet management system is a software that gathers and analyses data from several data points regarding ships and fleets. It combines a digital user interface with telematics, GPS communication, security and other systems to give a comprehensive report on the ship and personnel performance. Whether it is a cargo ship or a cruise ship, fleet management software proves very helpful.

What are the different services under ship management?2021-11-14T13:55:23+05:30

Ship management is an art and science which includes several sub-services like crew management, inventory management, cargo handling, inventory and procurement etc.

What is vessel crewing software?2021-11-14T13:54:40+05:30

Vessel crewing software gives you total control over the who, what, when of the personnel on your fleet. With the help of a good crewing system, you can look at the working/resting hours, schedule adherence and much more.

What is ship and fleet management?2021-11-14T13:54:00+05:30

Ship and Fleet management is the process of ensuring optimum performance from your fleet. It aims towards lowering operational costs and improving business, without having to compromise on the quality of services provided.

What is vessel crewing software?2021-11-14T12:18:33+05:30

Vessel crewing software gives you total control over the who, what, when of the personnel on your fleet. With the help of a good crewing system, you can look at the working/resting hours, schedule adherence and much more.