Simplify & Streamline Your Ship Inventory Management

With thousands of items to be procured and managed, ship inventory management is an arduous task. Large fleets and crew sizes make it even more challenging to keep up. Operating without a good ship inventory management software system can turn this extremely crucial task into a nightmare for fleet owners.

A maritime inventory management software like Shipmate makes procurement easier than ever, saving both time and money in the process. But that’s not all, read on to find out how our vessel inventory software is the best choice for your shipping company, no matter how small or large your fleet size.

High-performance maritime inventory management software takes over not just the traditional tasks of managing ship logs and ledgers but comes with so many additional features. Ship inventory management can be a cumbersome task and prone to errors, but with Shipmate’s maritime  inventory management, the possibilities are limitless.

Why Use Inventory Management Software for Your Ships?

Software technology has come a long way in the last few years and every industry is reaping its benefits. Managing inventory manually for ships is very outdated, not to mention too risky  and prone to inaccuracies  (space and manpower on ship being limited, physical organizing of spare parts is difficult and reconciling errors being time-consuming, requires quick action  within the limited time when the ship and its staff are available for stock taking and reconciliation.  A non-computerized inventory management is unthinkable for those managements that require better control on costs. The money  locked in inventory is quite high and not being able to trace an essential spare part in times of emergency can become doubly expensive).

Even a small mistake occurring due to human intervention can have long-term repercussions. In a highly competitive industry like shipping, there is a lot at stake. Manage your inventory with leading Ship procurement management system software that makes no mistakes and does everything faster than ever. It becomes attractive when the inventory valuations and methodology is as per an  accountant’s dream.

Top Features of Shipmate Ship Inventory Management Software

At Shipmate, we have designed a complete ship planned maintenance system software, loaded with a host of modern features that put your business first.

  • All-round inventory management at every inventory level
  • Maintenance of ship’s spare parts and stocks data
  • Automatically update your database from a centralized location
  • Customizable structure with user-friendly GUI
  • Supervise order requisition and improve delivery efficiency with purchase handling
  • Maintain and view stock history and records for evaluation
  • Automations for quote-comparing, dispatches and electronic negotiations
  • Vendor interaction with automated quote requests, response forms and invoices
  • 360-degree alignment of multiple office systems
  • Lube-oil consumption analysis
  • Delivery-tracking and updating from warehouses to vessels
  • Automating information updates from the vessel to the ground operations

Why Choose Shipmate Inventory Management Software?

Our inventory and ship safety management systems are trusted by some of the largest shipping corporations around the world. A plethora of features that come with this software optimize internal processes for ships and provide managers with a greater sense of control over their assets. The system is built to help management increase their fleet management efficiency and improve revenue.

Hundreds of vessels spread all over the international waters have our crew work-rest hours software installed onboard. Our software systems have helped shipping companies achieve over 60% improvement in efficiency and a 47% reduction in overall operational costs.

Shipmate’s inventory management software utilizes the First-In-First-Out inventory valuation method to make sure the stocks on board are consumed in the order of their procurement. Also known as LISH (Last-in-Still-Here), this enhances the overall stock management, making our crew competency management system, an overall management solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Inventory Management Software

Do you have an inventory valuation?

This state-of-the-art software system comes with complete inventory solutions to view, update and control the inventory. The inventory valuation feature is in-built along with several others that let captains onboard and managers on the ground gain in-depth control of the inventory.

Do you have physical stocks taking features in the software?

Shipmate marine inventory software simplifies the entry procedure for stocks in multiple ways. With the click of a button, authorized users can enter the physical stocks procured through simple inputs.

What is the methodology used for inventory management?

With a multi-user and multiple-currency enablement, our procurement management software for ships utilizes FIFO to enhance inventory management. What’s more, it easily interacts with other, third-party systems to facilitate transactions and orders.

Do you also manage spares & stores?

Absolutely! Our system is built on a powerful software engine that leaves no stone unturned. The software allows two-way communication between the offices on the ground and the vessel. Based on access authorizations, multiple parties can interact and manage the spares and stores on the ship.

Will the office get to know the ROB (Remains onboard) of stores automatically?

One of the benefits of using the Shipmate stores and procurement management system for ships is automation. The software lets you overview spare parts and automatically updates the remains, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and time-consuming email exchanges.

Can we use IMPA (International Marine Purchase Association) codes for the stores?

You can use IMPA codes for stores, which eases the purchase process while maintaining the global standards for our products.