Over the years SHIPMATE has garnered the trust and affection of its clients and in return, they have helped us develop an entire Maritime ERP software that is fast, easy to use, cost efficient and one that solves real time problems. Today SHIPMATE is a brand with a product portfolio that has been tested and used by several Ship Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore and tugs) and Crewing and Manning Agents.

The SHIPMATE line of ERP software offers highly customized solutions to the specific requirements of the ship management industry. Our ship management solutions integrate seamlessly into marine business processes making systems streamlined and accurate. Processes like crew scheduling, regulatory compliance checks, crew payroll management, and other functions of the SHIPMATE ERP Solutions work perfectly on all browsers and on both mobile and web devices.

Access to mobile version

Form Designer to custom design forms

Options for central database or isolate data with Additional Location Hub

Dashboard: Look into process related KPIs, key trends, comparisons and exceptions

Report Designer

Seafarer portal

Ship Management Made Easy


We are among the world’s leading ship erp software companies that provides Ship Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore and tugs), Crewing and Manning Agents (main fleet, shipyards) with tools to manage Crewing, Payroll, Crew Scheduling, Compliance Verifications, Vessel Maintenance and the Stores Management process.

Crew Management & Payroll System

Stores & Procurement System

Planned Maintenance System

Quality & Safety Management System

Applicant Recruitment System

Work & Rest Hours Management System

Crew Competency Management System

Ship Management System

Ship Inventory Management Software

Vessel Performance Monitoring System

Ship Document Management System

Scenario Planning

Applicant Recruitment System

Maritime Payroll Processing