Elevate Your Fleet’s Performance to the Peak 

Managing and maintaining a fleet can be fraught with challenges of escalating costs and regulatory tightropes while having to meet the highest level of efficiency in ship’s performance. For ship owners and shipping companies, it means ensuring the safety for crew, cargo, and the environment, coupled with cost management to maximize profitability. Vessel performance monitoring system helps ship operators gain a greater awareness of how effectively and profitably their fleet operates and how and where to make the changes to improve efficiency. 

A vessel performance monitoring system for ships allows complete insight into the ship’s performance, accident prevention, energy usage, environmental compliance, operational costs, and more. 

In the face of a constantly evolving modern maritime industry that demands increased efficiency in cost, safety, and energy consumption, ship performance monitoring software is a blessing. It equips operators with real-time data on the engines, hull, propeller, auxiliary systems, fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency, so they can arrive at well-informed decisions faster. 

Ship performance optimization system uncovers critical data and information that ship owners and shipping companies can use to:

  • Maximize performance
  • Extend the life of their vessels 
  • Predict maintenance costs and time
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Cut air emissions up to a permissible limit

How Does the Performance Monitoring System Work?

A ship performance monitoring software utilizes the advancements in digital technologies and keeps you updated on the key metrics for a ship’s performance. Authorized personnel can access the system, not just on-board but also on the ground! 

The benefits of using a Vessel Performance Monitoring System

As managers and supervisors, you need to be consistently in touch with the readings of your fleet’s vessel performance KPIs. The right software system can reduce manual intervention, sync all the vessel performance reports, and get you all the data you need in one place!

Vessel performance systems act as a repository of all the significant data emerging from a ship’s operations. 

With a great software platform to assist your vessels, the crew gain confidence in their day-to-day operations, while the management can enjoy more peace of mind!

Features of Our Vessel Performance Monitoring System

SBNT’s Shipmate offers a complete vessel performance solution that makes your job easier. From logging and synchronization of data to advanced vessel analytics, our technology makes everything fall in place. 


Information is at the forefront of innovation! This is why we have focused on providing all the data points necessary for you to make the right decisions. Get robust vessel analytics ranging from the performance of the relevant machinery-specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC), fuel consumption rate, to the engine’s torque, speed, and horsepower.


Manage the who, what, when of sensitive data – control the authorization levels and allow select people to interact with the system. Enjoy 360-degree ship performance monitoring, without the risk of losing sensitive information. 


Authorized individuals can log into the database no matter where they are! Reports can easily be downloaded and shared for reference. Monitor historical performance, or create projections for business goals easily from the user-friendly reports. 

Why Choose Shipmate Vessel Performance Monitoring System?

SBNT’s ship performance optimization system is not just sophisticated software for data analysis and logging. Shipmate has developed a solution that helps you ace your ship’s energy efficiency management plan.

Some of the countless benefits that the software brings are:

Revenue Management 

With real-time, actionable insights, the management can follow the best course of action under any situation. The software helps in cost savings through complete vessel performance optimization


When you know how your systems are performing, errors can be located and fixed quickly, which reduces the chances of unwanted situations. This also makes your crew better equipped for emergency response. 


International bodies such as the IMO, ICS, and ILO set regulatory frameworks and guidelines for maritime activities. It can be difficult to comply with hundreds of directions already in place and several new ones appearing now and then. Shipmate’s systems aid in legal compliance with alerts and updates right on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ship Performance Monitoring Software 

What is vessel performance analysis?

Vessel performance analysis is the process of measuring a vessel’s performance on key performance indicators. It helps shipping companies analyze how well their fleet is doing in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions, and legal compliances. 

How is vessel performance measured?

Vessel performance is measured through complex calculations, best done through computer systems installed on-board. With these software technologies, it gets easier for shipping companies to keep tabs on their fleet’s real-time performance and optimize it. 

How hard is the system to install?

The ship performance monitoring system is not hard to install at all! It takes just a few minutes for the software to virtually install itself through an easy-to-follow user interface. We also offer live support to guide you through the process, if needed. 

What is the importance of a vessel monitoring system on a ship?

With ever-growing competition and tight maritime regulations, vessel performance optimization has become the core of successful maritime operations. Vessel monitoring systems help in the regulation and automation of processes, helping you make wiser business decisions. Without such systems, it would be very hard for vessels to navigate through these changing times. 

How much maintenance is required?

The software does not require any maintenance as far as you, the user is concerned. It installs and runs effortlessly.

How does a vessel fuel monitoring system improve fuel efficiency?

A ship performance monitoring system optimizes engine and operational parameters, reducing fuel consumption and improving efficiency. Thus, this system also acts as a vessel fuel monitoring system.

Is real-time monitoring possible with a vessel performance monitoring system?

Yes, ship performance monitoring systems offer real-time data to make instant decisions.

Can a vessel performance monitoring system help with emissions reduction and environmental compliance?

Yes, it helps reduce emissions and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

How does a vessel performance monitoring system assist with maintenance planning and management?

It predicts maintenance needs, reducing downtime and costs through proactive planning.

What is the role of data analytics in vessel performance monitoring?

Data analytics identifies trends and inefficiencies, thus acting as vessel optimization software aiding in making better decisions.

What are the potential cost savings associated with using a vessel performance monitoring system?

Savings include reduced fuel costs, maintenance savings, and minimized downtime.

How do I choose the right vessel performance monitoring system for my fleet?

When it comes to choosing the best system, consider vessel performance analysis, integration with marine ERP, and compatibility with your infrastructure when selecting the right system.