BSY Ship Mgmt. company had always focused on quality operations and worked to combine great efficiency with a young, safe fleet.  As a Shipping software specialist, we were assisting them to create increased value.

BSY Ship Mgmt. company, with a large in-house team, managed technical operations that included purchasing and stock management of spares, consumables etc.  They were using manual methods of procurement like publishing of tenders, bidding and selecting the best quote to finalize a vendor.  They also kept their budget and expenses separately and integration of budget and procurement was cumbersome.

During their bidding process, vendors kept sending their quote using their own methods and the format of quotes differed from vendor to vendor.  Comparison of such quotations was becoming a nightmare, consuming time, and resources.  Getting the status of a particular request / bid was tough and unmanageable. To summarize, the response time between request and delivery was becoming unacceptable. 

SBNT automated their purchasing cycle starting from the Vessel requisition.  Requisition was captured from its source to avoid errors and was transmitted to the office database through SBNT’s our own proven communication methodology. 

SPS (Stores & Procurement System) bidding process used automated methods of data exchange between office and vendors. SBNT e-market integration with Shipping e-markets (e.g. Shipserv) enabled offices to choose from 35000 suppliers worldwide and get efficient and competitive quotes. Comparison of quotes on various criteria, reducing to a single currency and selecting the vendor was just a click away.

Suitable approval systems based on order size, appropriate workflows, coupled with dynamic budgetary comparisons at the decision-making points made the system an immensely powerful tool.

Once the vendors were assigned, the system could generate purchase orders automatically and send the PO to the vendor through e-market integration or directly as desired.  Vendor’s response on the order will automatically update and the tracking of requisition, bid, order, goods receipt, and invoices looked like a natural thing to happen.

Consequence: a workload handled manually by 42 persons in Procurement dept was now handled by a team of 8 and yet more efficiently.

Similar savings using other software products of SBNT helped BS save Millions y-o-y on just payroll bills.