BQ Marine company in UK was outsourcing their own ship management. Due to some internal reasons, they decided to take off the management from one of their agents and start on their own. This decision was so quick that BQ Marine company wanted to start the operations in two months. Time was the only limitation to them. From the market they got the information about SBNT. They directly approached SBNT for the complete crewing solution. The only demand was implementing the solution in 45 days and they will provide the entire necessary infrastructure on time. SBNT took the challenge and informed that the operations will be started with very essential customization within 45 days. 

With some rescheduling, a new project team was deployed next day. 

The challenge was the data migration from legacy system of the old servicing agent. SBNT did the conversion and migration in 27 days’ time. For the next 10 days SBNT did a parallel run with past 3 months’ data. On 40th day the system was up and running with 100% accuracy including payroll data. 

SBNT not only achieved 100% success on system implementations on time, this was the first project with payroll to be implemented in so short a time.

And with 100% accuracy.