PH Agency, a manning company – a subsidiary of SN Ship Mgmt. company. As a part of corporate implementation of the shipmate suite SBNT visited this location for scoping study. It was found that a substantial quantum of resources was utilized for creating monthly Statement of accounts (SOA) to their principals. The data for SOA was maintained in excel files. Most often some of the expenses claimable from Principals were missed by the employees resulting in revenue losses.  SBNT identified that the basic reason for this was that their then existing accounting software was not integrated with their crewing software.  The discovery was incidental and was not in scope. A new module was agreed to be created for SOA which utilized the data from crewing. After the implementation of the software it was found that:

  1. Nearly 40% of the workload was reduced and 
  2. there was no revenue loss due to missing claims.

The PH Agency hosted a grand party in appreciation. Cheers.