UX company in Singapore was an existing client of the shipmate crewing system. They had multitudes of forms for reporting incidents and they were continually changing. It had become virtually impossible for them to manage these forms manually. 

A software system they had implemented and was in use for several years had required constant change to accommodate changing input forms. The issue was that the quality forms kept changing frequently. Apart from continuing costs, there was always a problem of the system not stabilising and not responding to the change requirements in time. 

The customer approached SBNT for a solution. SBNT developed new software with a unique innovative solution of “Forms engine”. In this system, forms could be designed in Excel-like screens and integrated with the system. The management of forms were handled by the system. This new software had the ability to do analysis based on any attributes in the form.  This innovative solution really worked for the customer.  Thus, the input, processes and output were completely configurable.