In the shipping industry, maintaining your repository of documents in an organised manner is a priority. Technological advances in the digital systems handling crew document management with a complete online presence has come to replace the conventional document-exhaustive processes of the past, which were prone to mishaps. 

Crew Document Management softwares and systems available today are cloud-based and tailor-made for use in the shipping industry. This, therefore, ensures that the industry-specific demands and needs for both parties involved (the crew and the management) are being met. Automation processes used in these crewing softwares further ease the flow of events making the entire affair rather simple and time-saving when it comes to crew document management. One of the many features of automating the Crew Document Management process includes using specific web pages wherein candidates send in their applications linked to the software, which in turn captures and sorts the information provided. 

These crew document management softwares can chart out and store updated information on the seafarers to the database with all the relevant information. This would include, and not be limited to, their basic information, certifications and associated documentation, emergency contacts as well as details of their seagoing service and banking information. 

Advantages of Digital Crew Document Management Systems: 

  • Reliable online space to easily enter and store large volumes of data
  • Allows for optimal planning of crew for vessels based on rank and requirements of seafarers for the vessel 
  • Automation processes ease entry of data 
  • Information is up-to-date and can be adjusted in real-time, if need be
  • Can create a database that holds extensive and detailed information pertaining to every crew member 
  • Correspondence via email,  and offline letters can also be stored for record keeping 
  • Easy to re-access and review the stored documents, when required 
  • Not location specific- can be accessed by key stakeholders onboard the ship as well as shore staff 
  • Better implications for safety of documents with protected and limited digital access 
  • Sort and view information using customised software features as required to easily visualise data 
  • Automated alerts can be set to warn of expiring/expired licenses or certifications

Use Cases of Crewing Softwares 

Crew document management systems or crewing softwares can be used for several use cases. This includes: 

  • Seafarers’ employee contract management 
  • Document storage 
  • Training, licenses and certification detail storage
  • Tracking correspondence 
  • Activity management of employees for planning salaries and fees 
  • Payroll management 
  • Tracking of claims and expenses 

The role of investing in a good crew document management software system is now being realised by all the major players in the shipping industry to a wider extent over the past decade and has been adopted in mainstream practice even by emerging companies globally.