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Over the years SHIPMATE has garnered the trust and affection of its clients and in return, they have helped us develop new products that solve real time problems faced by the Marine industry and today we are a company with products tested and used by several Large, Medium and Small Ship and Crew management companies.

With SHIPMATE onboard,organizations have been able to

Reduce costs by
Increase efficiency by
Increase capacity handling by

So what really sets us apart?

custom products

Product Customization

At SHIPMATE, we realize that each organization in the marine industry is different and a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t bring out the best in them. With intelligent coding in the backdrop, we customize our products to your requirements and hence reduce deployment time and training costs.

Customer Support

“ Businesses are identified by the service they provide rather than the products they make”.

True to this saying, our exceptional customer support standards have inspired several managers to recognize and recommend SHIPMATE to others and hence resulted in 60% of our clients coming through customer reference.