A large number of resources are involved in carrying out an effective planned maintenance procedure. It involves hours of manpower and paperwork, stress and the pressure to avoid manual mistakes that could cost the company dearly. 

There are too many pieces in ship maintenance and the risk of leaving anything out can be serious. Only a good planned maintenance system or PMS can take your entire ship maintenance process out from chaos to harmony. This is where Shipmate PMS comes in.

Shipmate PMS is a software solution that caters to the specific needs of a ship. It is designed to optimize the performance of a ship by managing the job schedules, equipment database and much more. The planned maintenance system provides shipowners and operators with state-of-the-art technology to ease the process of carrying out maintenance jobs and ensure that aspects of ship maintenance are taken care of. 

Here are five reasons why shipmate is the ultimate planned maintenance system for ships.

Increased Optimization

With Shipmate’s Planned Maintenance System in place, the tasks that are required to be done at specific intervals and the paperwork that leads to it is taken care of, yet without doing any paperwork. Shipmate’s PMS automates activities that require minimal human intervention, which allows sailors to focus on more important tasks. 

A ship that has all its components in the best shape can perform the best. With Shipmate PMS, your ship is at its optimum conditions. 

No Unexpected Downtime

A ship that is lacking in maintenance activities and does not have a proper maintenance system in place faces the risk of having unexpected breakdowns or downtime. However, downtime costs the shipping company a lot, especially more if it is unexpected. Managing your maintenance activities with Shipmate PMS is the ideal way to ensure that no such unexpected breakdown occurs. 

With Shipmate’s Planned Maintenance System, all equipment is regularly checked for faults and maintained on time, which avoids health issues.

Electronic Job List

Ship maintenance has many aspects which need to be taken care of. Each job is tasked to appropriate crew members. Preparing job lists manually is extremely time-consuming. However, with Shipmate’s PMS, it is taken care of by the software. Ship operators have a large load off their backs as the job listing is done electronically. This means there are fewer errors and conflicts and improved productivity.

Workflow Efficiency

There is a need to create workflows to ensure that maintenance works run smoothly. Making them manually is time-consuming. With Shipmate’s Planned Maintenance System, there is no need to waste time doing mundane tasks. It has efficient workflow capability which helps organize the working onboard a ship. 


A shipowner is liable to pay hefty sums if the ship and its components do not meet certain standards. International bodies like ISM put forward many conditions which are in place to ensure the safety of the ship, its crew and its contents. Complying with these standards is, therefore, a necessity to avoid fines and hazards. 

With Shipmate PMS, compliance is no longer a problem. It ensures that your ship is following all the updated rules and regulations, without the ship operator having to worry about it.

Streamline and Enhance Your Ship Maintenance with Shipmate PMS

Shipmate PMS has been tried and tested for its efficiency and hundreds of satisfied shipping companies testify to its ability to meet all the needs of a ship. Our reputation as the leading maritime software company reflects the trust our customers have placed in us. To know more about how Shipmate can make your fleet better and more efficient, get in touch with us today!